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GCC offers wide range of job carrier in various sectors. UAE surveys says that majority of employees are satisfied in working with United Arab Emirates. The rate of hiring workers is steady due to many projects yet to come in EXPO 2020.The demand of manpower for construction projects is high. Workers such as Welder, Electrician, Insulator and more are high in demand.BCC is one of the welder supply company in Sharjah also different cities of GCC. Every industry must need skilled welder to different firms. Companies no need to search for skilled workers, as we offers the best skilled workers.


Welder is a tradesman and performs wielding the metals then fusing them together. Basically the welder has to heat the metals then join all these heated metals to make final product.Welder uses the tools to complete the task such as shielded metal arc welding, plastic welding, gas metal arcs welding and resistance welding. Apart of these welders should know the advanced technologies such as:


  • Laser beamed welding
  • Electron beamed welding
  • Gas tungsten arcs welding (GTAW)
  • X-ray welding
  • Laser hybrid welding and more.

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Responsibilities of Welder:

  • Primary work is to cut and join all materials by welding.
  • Repair all industrial devices using various welding techniques.
  • Welder has to test the already welded materials for safety.
  • They should analyze the designs to work properly before welding it.
  • Ability to choose the correct equipment for different process.
  • Measurements of welding materials should be exact before joining it.


The welder must have basic qualities and skills as listed below:

  • Welder should keep working environment and his colleagues safe.
  • They should give attention to detailed work therefore they play vital role in production process.
  • Able to work in unfavorable environment conditions.
  • They should have good stamina.
  • Welder should add his creativeness in work.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Knowledge about advanced technical tools or equipment.


Employer can expect quality workers from us. BCC is the welder supply company in Sharjah, Dubai and various cities of GCC country.We have the biggest network to meet the requirements of clients. Our professional team reduces the time and cost of finding skilled manpower in GCC country.