GCC is known as modern country and oil field, construction, real estate industries are ever booming sectors. Nowadays construction industry is on demand as the number of projects is increasing. Therefore the workers for civil construction buildings are also on demand.Construction projects at Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Alain and Jebel Ali requires different kinds of workers. BCC will help you to get exact candidate or scaffolder manpower supplier for your construction projects.A scaffolder is also known as scaffold erector. Scaffold builder will build the structures, taking down of scaffolds, make temporary structures of buildings. This field is good who likes to work at outdoor and at high elevation.

Responsibilities of Scaffolder

All employers look for candidates with some skills and experience, the basic responsibilities are listed below:

  • Apart from building and breaking down scaffolds, they should be able to install ladders, walkways at site.
  • Able to make planning strategies based on construction site and arrange the necessary materials.
  • First vertical base on ground, put tubes horizontally and vertically to construct stable structure.
  • Then created scaffold is attached to the buildings.
  • Planks are fixed to scaffolds that help the workers to stand on it confidently.
  • Fixing safe nets and guard rails.
  • Dismantle all scaffolding materials after the work completes.
  • Keep all material safe after the work that helps to next project.

To fulfill all these responsibilities, they should know the basic skills. Scaffolder manpower supplier expects some basic skills and qualities and below are the list:

  • They should have good physical stamina in the workplace at heights.
  • Scaffolder must work with a team.
  • Ability to support his colleagues and his supervisors.
  • Understand the safety rules and policies.
  • They should be good planners to complete the work from beginning to end.
  • Adjust with climate conditions of country.
  • They should know mathematics for calculating measurements at site.
  • Able to travel from place to place for work.
  • Overtime working is depending on employer and country rules.
  • They should wear protective outfits.

Our expertise team will hire skilled person for your construction work and always working for the welfare of workers. That saves your time and cost for finding the right candidate. Based on market trend we will customize our selection process to meet the market demands.We provide workforce in short period of time that avoids employer to do advertisement. BCC offers trained and skilled scaffolder manpower supplier to various cities of GCC.