The economic situation in GCC country changing day-by-day. The rate of investment in construction field is also increasing. This internally increasing the rate of workforce for civil and MEP work.Civil and MEP work includes plumber, electrician, rigger, welder, steel fixer and more. Nowadays plumbers are very important to construction projects. BCC will meet the needs of employer by providing plumbing labor supply services in Dubai.

Plumber is a tradesman and performs installation, repair, fitting and maintenance of plumbing systems such as drainage system, sewage system and drinking water. We can segregate plumber into two ways such as:

  • Residential Plumber
  • Commercial Plumber

Residential plumbers are focusing on solving any drainage problem of residential buildings. Commercial plumbers work with construction and manufacturing companies. BCC provides plumbing labor supply services in Dubai to meet the requirement of industrial needs.

Responsibilities of a Plumber:

  • Ability to read blueprints, schematic diagrams or layouts of plumbing, water supply system.
  • Repair domestic appliances and fixtures.
  • Perfect in doing installation, maintenance and repairing of plumbing system.
  • Follow the rules and regulations of work.
  • Installing, repairing and maintaining of domestic, commercial and industrial plumbing system.
  • Able to troubleshoot the failure system.

We provide plumbing labor supply services in Dubai also to different cities of GCC by meeting the above responsibilities.

Qualities and Skills of Plumber:

  • Plumber should have good physical stamina.
  • Ability to understand the specifications written in layouts.
  • Identify and diagnose the plumbing problems.
  • Good knowledge about industrial and domestic plumbing systems.
  • Ability to work with team.
  • They should have experience in handling technical tools.
  • Good communication skills.

BCC will provide plumbing labor supply services in Dubai by meeting the above skills. Employers can trust and opt our services without any hesitation. Construction companies can concentrate more on their work rather than searching for labors.

Selecting services from BCC employers will get advantages such as:

  • We save employer time for hiring skilled workers.
  • Provide the top-notch professional candidates.
  • Our services are cost-effective.
  • We are very flexible in contracts periods based on project.
  • Our expertise team will always assist you with correct solution.
  • We save the cost of employer for advertisement.