The global economy facing many challenges, in spite of this the construction projects in GCC is always increasing. Due to increase in construction projects, job opportunities also increasing. In UAE the Civil and MEP workers are high in demand to construct the infrastructure.Nowadays it is very difficult to acquire skilled labors. Here comes the role of manpower supply companies to fulfill the requirements of employers.Various companies are performing manpower supply in Dubai also to GCC country. BCC is the one of the manpower supply companies, provides the top proficient workers.Employers are searching manpower supply companies for Civil and MEP work such as pipefitting electrician, welding, rigger, painting and more. In that a pipefitter is high in demand.

Pipefitter is a tradesman and performs assembling, joining, installing, fabricating, maintaining and repairing the mechanical piping systems. Two levels of Pipefitter are available such as:

  • Apprentice
  • Journeyman

Where journeyman is the trained person and will be having good experience in pipefitting. Manpower supply companies will provide these trained Journeymen to the world.

Responsibilities of Pipefitter:

Following is the main responsibilities of pipefitter:

  • He should deal with commercial, industrial and marine piping systems.
  • Coordinate with site supervisors and project related persons to configure the layout.
  • Repair and maintain various components of piping system.
  • Ensure that all water, steam, chemicals tanks are turned off before work starts.
  • Pipefitter must know the exact requirement of shape and sizes of piping components.
  • Rectify the leaks and cracks at the piping system.
  • Ability to understand and implement the blueprint or architectural plans.

List of Skills of Pipefitter:

Manpower supply companies and employers expects basic skills from every labor such as:

  • Good communication skills to communicate with supervisors.
  • Certification by NCCER meets the requirement of licensed Pipefitter.
  • Hands-on experience in pipefitting.
  • Able to work with team and multiple projects.
  • They need to give attention to detailed work to complete the work efficiently.
  • Knowledge about building code, rules and regulations of piping system.
  • Pipefitter should have good physical strength.
  • Ability to work independently with less assistance.
  • Complete the task within the stipulated time.

BCC will hire the best professional MEP manpower for construction projects at Dubai, Sharjah, Alain and other cities of GCC. The requirement of manpower supply in Dubai is increased. Therefore the manpower supply Dubai branch will offer skilled labors to various projects at Jebel Ali, DIP, DIC and more areas of UAE.

It is very easy to contact us and acquire Civil and MEP manpower supply in Dubai. We are always ready to assist you to get the exact workforce.