Masonry is the building of structures constructed by using Brick, Stones such as Granite, Marble, Travertine, Limestone, Cast Stone, Concrete Block and Glass. A person who constructs these masonries is called as MASON or Brick Mason or Bricklayer.The main advantage of using these construction materials such as stone, brick is non-combustible product and resistant to debris. Internally protects and strengthen the building structures.There are lots of companies hiring manpower suppliers in Dubai or Mason workers supply in UAE. Bcc will hire the best candidate for every employer.

Responsibilities of Mason

These are the basic tasks and responsibilities of Mason:

  • Layering tiles, bricks, concrete and more for constructing buildings.
  • Mason should be able to lift bricks weight many times in a day.
  • Coordinate with clients, engineers, other people related to the project.
  • Mason should able to operate light and heavy equipment.
  • Make some reports, list the needed materials at construction site.
  • Every mason has to wear protection outfits or uniforms at work place.
  • They have to communicate with their supervisor or foreman in case of absence at workplace.
  • Mason can demolish or reconstruct any parts of the building.

The companies of manpower suppliers in Dubai are required some basic skills and qualities and those are listed below.

Skills and Basic Requirements:

  • They should have wide knowledge of construction materials.
  • Knowledge about handling light and heavy equipment.
  • Creativeness will help in constructing new design at workplace.
  • Mason should have minimum education qualifications.
  • Ability to work with less supervision.
  • Mason has to fix the bricks all the day therefore they should have lots of stamina.
  • Knowledge in construction, repair, maintenance and alteration of building structures.
  • Ability to evaluate and solve the problems of construction project.
  • Mason able to add some creative and innovative ideas in Masonry structures.

The construction sector always opens jobs and required skilled people in GCC. UAE is known as modern city with skyscrapers and increases the opportunities to create requirements for civil workers. BCC is the manpower suppliers in Dubai will hire all kinds of civil workforce.

The employer looks some skills and basic requirements in each employee who wants to work in UAE. Below are the few requirements:

  • They should have to understand rules and safety policies.
  • Able to work independently to complete the task.
  • They must be physically fit.
  • Willing to work 8-10 hours a day.
  • Overtime and holidays depend on employer and country rules.
  • Mason should willing to work in summer climate of GCC.
  • Able to travel as construction site always away from accommodation place.

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