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In today’s world the UAE economy for job seekers has given wide range of opportunities. Especially the construction, oil & gas field is booming in UAE. Recently many businesses set up results in high demand of employees.Various manpower consultancy in Dubai offers skilled workers for construction projects. BCC is one of them provides the best candidates. Our manpower consultancy provides manpower supply such as fabricator, welder, painter and more.A Fabricator is a person that performs the metal fabrication. The metal fabrication is the building of structures by cutting metals, molding, bending and assemble them. Apart from these he should know technical skills and creativeness to make metal sheets, automobile parts and other various products.Nowadays fabricator is required for most of the automobiles manufacturing companies. The demand of skilled fabricator is increased, we manpower consultancy provides the top professional fabricators for various companies set up in UAE.


Responsibilities of Fabricator:

Manpower consultancy in Dubai, employer expects some basic responsibilities from fabricator such as:

  • Ability to read, implement blueprints or schematic diagrams.
  • A fabricator must understand the engineering plans to create final product.
  • He should possess the mechanical skills such as cutting, measuring and fitting.
  • Perform repair with help of welding machines.
  • They should know basic welding skills.
  • Provide assistance for production department to complete the task.
  • Perform quality checks for all welding structures.
  • Able to apply advanced technical skills.


Qualities and Skills of Fabricator:

Following is the list of expectations from manpower consultancy in Dubai and employers such as:

  • A professional fabricator should perform day-to-day activities with safe.
  • They should give attention to detailed work to avoid accidents.
  • A skilled fabricator should have creativeness in his work.
  • Able to analyze designs before work starts.
  • He should be familiar with technical tools.
  • Basic knowledge about computer is required.
  • Able to operate all arc welding tools.
  • They should have basic mathematics skills.


Our manpower consultancy team will provide the top professional fabricator to different industries in UAE. We have expertise team and large network to help each industry requirements. Customers can select our service for quality workers, we are always ready to help clients.

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