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The booming sectors in UAE are construction industry, oil & gas industry. This rapidly growing industries demands skilled manpower to complete the projects. Various skilled workers are in demand such as electrician, plumber, welder, rigger and more.BCC is one of the electrician manpower agency in UAE offers skilled electrician manpower according to job requirement.An Electrician is a tradesman specialized in electrical-wiring of machines and buildings. Apart from electrical wiring electrician perform other works such as installation of new electrical components, repair and maintenance of existing infrastructures.Electrical work is very important to normal day-today life and industrial work. Therefore electrical manpower is divided into Normal Electrician and Industrial Electrician.BCC is the electrician manpower agency in UAE provides both normal and industrial electrician based on client requirement.


Normal Electrician will install, operate, repairs and maintains the electrical wiring or components of building. There are 3 levels such as Apprentice, Journeyman and Master Electrician.These electricians work in factories, business, apartment and home. The most of the time normal electricians are accessible to the masses. The level of getting expertise workers is little difficult.Electrician manpower agency in UAE and employer expects some basic responsibilities from each workers.

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Responsibilities of Normal Electrician:

  • They are responsible for assembling, installing, testing of equipment, repairing of electrical or electronic wiring, maintenance using hand and power tools.
  • Electrician diagnoses and correct the faulty devices.
  • He connects wires to switch board, circuit breakers, transformers and more.


Industrial Electrician performs electrical work in industrial and commercial buildings. These are different from normal electrician as they are trained for particular task.Industrial electricians work in different sector of industry line such as repair large electrical equipment, industrial fans, large machines and control systems. Installation will be doing based on layout shown in schematic diagrams, blueprints with electrical code specifications.Industry sector, employer and electrician manpower agencies in UAE expects some basic responsibilities from every employee.


Responsibilities of Industrial Electrician:

They should be perfect in their work such as installation, repair and maintenance.

  • Knowledge of repair large machines, industrial fans and control system.
  • Read and implement the schematic diagrams.
  • Installations must be based on layouts shown in blueprints.


The role of electrician manpower agency in UAE is to fulfill the needs of clients. Selecting our service the employer can save advertisement cost and time for finding electricians. Client can trust us to opt our quality service.

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