UAE has planned huge number of constructions in upcoming days. This is to attract more tourism, to increase the real estate also to increase investors in UAE. Investors are interested in investing at construction industry that has more projects to get benefits.All these projects are in demand of MEP manpower workers. MEP agency is providing various manpower labors. In that BCC has a large network of skilled labors to meet the requirements of customers.BCC is one of the MEP agency and supply various MEP manpower such as Ductman, Welder, Insulator, Steel Fixer, Carpenter and more.

Ductman performs as a supervisor for equipment installation and metal fabrication work. Duct foreman, duct installer, duct fabricators are part of ductwork at construction sites.

  • Duct fabricators will create ductwork products for cooling and heating equipment. They generally work at manufacturing plants and construction sites. Fiberglass, plastic is used to produce ductwork devices. Duct fabricators also involved in installation and maintenance of equipment.
  • A duct installer performs the layouts, duct-fittings, installation of air-conditioning and ventilation equipment.
  • A duct foreman supervises and assists both duct fabricator and duct installer. Coordinate with management team to complete the task.

The Responsibilities of Duct Fabricator:

  • They will provide detailed material list according to project plan to management.
  • Follow the blueprints to create ductwork equipment.
  • Determine the type, quantity required for ductwork products.
  • Create piping system using metal sheets.

The Responsibilities of a Duct Installer:

  • Assist in installation of ductwork equipment.
  • They should prepare sheet metal, hangs and run gas lines to install units.
  • He must have the knowledge about HVAC units.
  • Ability to troubleshoot layouts.
  • Responsible to keep stock of materials required for ductwork.
  • Ability to follow safety rules for mechanical and electrical work.

The Responsibilities of a Duct Foreman:

  • He should prepare detailed work flowchart for team.
  • Secure all materials required for work.
  • They should keep the record of daily reports.

All MEP agency will provide the top MEP manpower candidates by meeting the above mentioned responsibilities. The employers also expect some qualities in candidates such as:

  • Good communication skills.
  • Ability to work with team and assist colleagues in work.
  • They should have good physical stamina to lift equipment.
  • Ability to understand blueprint layouts.
  • They should have knowledge about technical terms used in plans.

BCC has expertise team to meet the above qualities in each MEP manpower labor. Our MEP agency will support any kind of enquiry and suggest the top solution to each customer.